Coconut Basmati  Rice Recipe

-basmati rice -full-fat coconut milk -bay leaves -cumin seeds -allspice seeds -fennel seeds -salt and black pepper to taste

ingredients You'll need

Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a small pot and add the spices. Saute over medium-low heat for 1-2 minutes, stirring occasionally.

step 1

Stir in the rice and saute for 1 more minute. Then add water, coconut milk, salt, and bay leaves. Cover with a lid and cook for 10-12 minutes.

step 2

Let the rice simmer over low heat untouched. Remove from the heat and set aside to rest with the lid on for at least 7-10 minutes

step 3

Remove the bay leaves. Fluff with a fork and taste. At this point, you can serve as is or squeeze the juice of 1 lime.

step 4

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Serve with your favorite dishes like curry, stews, and soups, or use it in rice bakes, burritos, etc.


When making this coconut basmati rice, it's important to rinse the rice under cold water until the water runs clear.